Job interview in an hour while depressed. And I‘m not ready for the thought of “lying” on how great I am if i don’t feel like it. It feels so wrong.

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    @heyheni You've got nearly 20k++
    You're great. So chin up and ace that interview!
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    The world is not a perfect place and so is that Job description. It's very rare that Job descriptions completely match with the guy getting hired for that position.
    In most of the cases all they need is basic knowledge about mentioned technologies and good problem solving skill.

    This thought may help you in gaining some confidence. All the best. Keep us posted.
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    It's yours buddy
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    So after avoiding sitting in the dreaded meeting room table by suggesting to take a walk, he offered me a week of test working next week after only one turn around the building. 😲
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    So this is good news or did you want something permanent?
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    @katbreitin somewhat good, I was surprised how quick it went.
    And now i’m just scared to fulfill their expectation after a year of depression and being without a job 😅
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    You have one foot at the door, that's forward ahead. Good luck with work!
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    @iamai thank you for your optimism, that really helps.
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    As a frequent interviewer I can confirm that we are also as depressed as interviewees and we don't give a shit about how excited you are as long as you can build stuff. Which you probably can do. Good luck.
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    So sorry to hear that man, kind of going through the same thing. Still have a job but unproductive as fuck.

    Can’t seem to care about work when the world is falling apart.

    Let me know if you want to chat.
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    ueee! 20k ++ after 4 years of daily devRant use 😄
    time to check out the avatar section!
    white tiger here i come!
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