I woke up because someone was calling me to eat something since breakfast is out...

Then I check my email and people were pressuring me to finish project X (won't name because its private)

Oh my god let me catch a fucking break I've been coding nonstop for three days I'd appreciate if I get some leeway and rest? Fucking wankers.

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    I fear for the code’s bug/error ratio. 3 days?
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    Airplane-mode the phone, throw it through the window and go back to sleep.
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    @zoridan airplane mode so it can fly when you throw it?
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    @ComputersAreBad Well, It is airplane mode.

    As an end user I do not read the documentation for the feature, do not ask how it works and grant it that is for the phone to fly away because "airplane".

    If the phone do not fly I will be angry and demand some explanation to someone!

    Poor name choice, call it "airplane parked"!

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