Can anyone tell me what are those objects are called? I might buy one if they have hsl or rgba 😂

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    French name is "nuancier"
    Si I would Google "RGB nuancer"
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    @lanfiro adding rgb just destroys every search because google is google
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    Oh boy 180 dollars?! It makes 1260 TRY withOUT tax and shipping!
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    I love these, diy from local department store
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    So you know, additive and subtractive color models generally aren't compatible from a reference point. There aren't many physical refs that aren't in cmyk.

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    you know pantone swatches are expensive because they are printed to the highest standards and each color needs extra care at the printing press.
    That way it’s guaranteed that every print shop uses the same exact color to print your stuff.

    A pantone color is specially pre mixed special color that “can’t” be achieved by cmyk exactly, think silver or gold metalic colors or trademarked brand colors.

    If you get one for branding, so that print products and digital products color match. I would obviously recommend the color bridge version where every Pantone color has a cmyk, rgb equivelent. And remember Pantone swatches age, through oxidation and yellowing of the paper. So always store them air and light tight in a drawer. And replace them every 5 year or so.
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    @heyheni theres also just apps for that mkay
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    @karma I don't trust my laptop's display, aight?
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    @karma I’d like to argue that choosing a color for a job with a pantone swatch is much more well thought through and intuitive than just picking random color on a screen.

    Because what digital products usually lack is materiality, haptics, surface structure.
    And that is ok if you are about to make a wordpress site for your local “Annes Hair Salon”.

    But if you’re a company that wants to ooze professionalism and knowhow, you can’t cheap out on the brand design process. Corporate: Video-, sound-, Product-, heck even interior- Design all started with a thoroughly drafted brand design where corporate values are translated into colors (pantone) and fonts, typography and tone of voice of the copy and how print and online should look like.

    So yeah there are apps for that like adobe color, which are indeed awesome, but that may be not the right tool for such a job. Because “I liked this color from this app” is no good reason to justify it and sell it to the board of directors.
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    @melezorus34 That’s a very important and valid point.
    You may want to rent or lend a colorimeter at your local photography shop so that you can calibrate and certificate your screen for accurate color reproduction.

    Article about that
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    @heyheni I worked as a designer for about 10 years also in print, you don't need to school me brother ALL PANTONE SWATCHES ARE IN MOST DIGITAL DESIGN TOOLS ANYWAY...

    Designers that rely on this paper model shit, aren't really designers, just apple fanboys that like to showoff with nice stuff 💪🤘🧂
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    @karma lol I just wanted something to choose colors better bcuz I often need to use different tones. Also I suck at desining and choosing tones.

    And yeah everytime I need to make a shell script I get my O'Reilly book, juuust in case
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    @highlight pistachio green
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    Just use adobe Kuler dude

    “picking a random color on the picker” is a better idea than you think. Most of my colors I know for sure will slightly change due to complementarity/contrast/a11y/context etc..

    That’s why I try to do most of the combined components as design and then just keep that scheme for the rest of the app.

    Afterwards, there are usually no big deal breakers except general lightness of the color. And for that, you can also use a mathematical strategy and reason why what fits in certain situations better.

    E.g. pure black text on a warm yellow looks horrible, so so cases are the real “special” one’s, for me at least.
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    @010001111 eh black colored bodoni on yellow background isnt that bad to get attention.

    (good book by the way https://amazon.com/Copywriting-Seco... )
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    @heyheni Enhance on text color

    not black, brown

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