"Are ya coding son?"

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    "Dad I told you html is not coding"
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    @melezorus34 it's not but it's easier to just let the non-tech savvy think it is.

    There's literally no upside to go through explaining to them why it's not and they're not like to remember it's not bc "ooooh pretty code"
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    @Stuxnet lol reminded me when a girl in my high school looked at my laptop and told me "I didn't know codes looked so... colorful."

    Darn it quarantine made me miss my school again.
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    For a second i thought this was xkcd
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    I almost read it like "Are ya whining, son?"
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    Eventually you realize happiness is impermanent and adjust your expectations till you reach an equilibrium best described by a two word phrase: comfortably numb.

    It's like the zen of not caring.
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    @24th-Dragon it actually is from reddit. A trending meme.
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