Little known, *highly* underrated.

It's like electron, except stripped of the retardation and bloatware dependencies.

Like if the people who made Go decided to make a better, *lighter*, *more portable* electron.

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    You had me until the people who made go part
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    I love go not because it's go but because it's the exact opposite of the current development trends:

    light, portable, convention-over-configuration hell, bundles dependancies.

    None of this make-file-but-taken-to-the-nth-degree just-download-these-500-megabytes-of-15-line-js-dependancies-without-explaination-off-the-internet-every-time-we-make-a-single-change bullshit.

    Seriously, try it.

    The devs are not native english speakers but the guy leading it is *very* competent.
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    @Wisecrack tried it, was awful, the documentation was lackluster, went back to scala.
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    @Wisecrack I couldn't get into go, their anality for "only one pass for eveything" gets in the way a lot and quite simply broke regex; One wonders why they incorporated it in the first place.
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    I agree. Documentation is straight dogshit.

    Absolutely look in the samples folder of the sdk if you want to learn to do anything.

    You'd think too, with him having all these apparent customers he'd opt for better marketing, or even a better designed website.

    @stonestorm wouldn't know. I liked it for the things mentioned, but then it was some skid-scripting like I usually do so impressions may vary.
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    I remember a similar project. Wasn't it called Positron? I hope these projects take off, Electron could use some competition.
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    @VaderNT yes it could.

    FYI the documentation is pure trash, but the documentation (wsciter) and the examples are sufficient.
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    But it's still slow, half-deprecated web technology...
    I'd rather design a new ui model from the ground up than having to deal with a slow and bulky HTML interpreter and layout engine, not to mention V8
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