Anyone got an opinion on the O'Reilly programming books bundle on Humble Bundle?
It's really cheap, I found one of the books on Amazon for 40€ and the whole bundle costs 14€. But are the books generally good. Or are most of them already outdated?

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    If you click on the book picture and then follow the "oreily" linkit will show the release date of the books.
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    @rutee07 I was @Jilano earlier, thought I would reflect on my current attire since I haven't been out in weeks
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    @C0D4 I feel you... I have been "inside" for nearly two months now, and I'll have to get out next week. It's going to be hard.
    On the bright side, I get to have a haircut after almost 4 months
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    @C0D4 & @Jilano
    DIY, peeps.
    Looking like a freshly peeled baby.
    Been on isolation for two months +.

    On next month's episode :
    Behold the allmighty mullet!
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    @scor Had I known it was going to last this long, I would have done a @rutee07 and shaved everything off! But now... I'll just wait, haha
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    @rutee07 God, stop calling me "your mistake", Mum!

    Edit: I just clicked on this rant seeing it had a few comments and saw that I was "already there". I blame you, @C0D4
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