That's what I call a good documentation. Not boring to read!

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    Very metal. Fuck the ISPs. We all need to create a decnetralized internet. In amongst all the other things we should be doing.
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    @SortOfTested we could join the I2P network for a start
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    @endor where to start ??
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    @Insomniac-coder well, 1) get your computer... That's all I got so far 😂
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    Many years ago we tried that in our country by having private and public owned wireless infrastructure meshed together which created city-wide networks that didn't need internet access for local resources until ISPs threw a fit and bribed government to ban it which killed the institutional support which was the backbone of the project.
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    @bytewind There any repos or docs we can get our hands on? :)
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    @badcopnodonuts @badcopnodonuts

    Woah no, doubt it... This was around 2002 maybe and by 2005 they killed it already. It was one of those techno-utopian projects that rose at the time. You could think of it as a heterogeneous ad hoc wireless MAN built out of public and private nodes
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    @badcopnodonuts actually, you made me remember that cubans have been doing something similar in concept to get around the realities of their country... just google Cuba SNET
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    Linux Die Net xD title says it all
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