Ever since i became programming-literate i cant just enjoy a game without thinking how everything how everything is working 🤦🏻

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    That actually makes me enjoy it more.
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    In german there is a word for that "Die Berufskrankheit" which means the occupational illness. It's the condition where because of your profession your view on a topic has changed and you can't unsee it. And you spot wrongs everywhere.
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    @heyheni The Germans have such a wide vocabulary.
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    @heyheni in swedish too! Arbetsskadad. :)
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    @heyheni what's it called when your profession causes your friends to hate telling you they bought something, same thing?
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    @gomsim jätte kult! det viste jag inte och vad slags arbeitskadar har du då? 😄

    @M1sf3t huh? in what context do you mean that for example? Like in, they bought a cheap ass laptop and are super happy with it and you tell them it's a trash laptop and they should have bought x laptop instead?
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    Now that you have seen the wizard behind the curtain, was it worth it?
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    @heyheni that along with predictions of when they will have to call you to fix said laptop for x, y, and z problem.

    You can always tell by the sound of the frustration in their voice when your phone rings a few weeks later 😅
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    Even worse is when u wrongly assume, this is how it works and sometimes just undermine the engineer's effort. Totally get this feeling, trying to go back to the state of blissful ignorance
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    I can still enjoy a rainbow, even if I know how it works.

    If only we made rainbows..

    Actually, did you know in some countries, you need planning permissions to make rainbows !

    Apparently they are considered a hazard to planes..
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    Sometimes making the game was a better game than the end product
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    @M1sf3t i don't think there is a word for the avoiding part. But for the know it all part is "Der Besserwisser" betherknower.
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    @electrineer everything is gamified these days. We're a bad Monday away from Jira shipping a J-Score attached to your account. And before you know it, it will be available for all to see in your LinkedIn account.
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    @electrineer can confirm.

    symptom of having hobbies.
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    yeah, as RememberMe suggested, you might have lost (some of, or maybe even all of) the enjoyment of proper suspension of disbelief, but you've gotten the enjoyment of seeing behind the scenes.
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