Why is this always the conclusion?

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    Better than: could you repair my PC?
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    That was a pun? :p
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    Wait for the "can you hack my Facebook?" questions.
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    @suprano That's indeed a classic question. You just need to answer I can read everything you type when I want.. So they will not talk around behind your back online :p
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    Maybe you just pick a topic at random, say CSMA/CD (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/...) and learn just enough to confuse the hell out of someone and say you wouldn't have a clue with apps because you're only interested in that very specific branch of networking technology!
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    This is what I tell people on purpose!

    If I say I work on a debugger and profiler designed for superxomouters, they'll just stare blankly.

    Instead I say "I write stuff that makes it easier to make special supercomputers apps" and they're like "ooo supercomputers..."
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