Finally got myself a Lytro Illum!
I,v been wanting to buy one since it came out but the company who made it closed down in 2015..
Thoose fuckers just thrown everything in the trash and set it on fire, software, firmware, mobile app etc.. no open source, no archives, your expensive camera is now a paper weight! You’r welcome!
So i got myself a new hobby, started reverse-engineering the fuck out of it, luckily it’s based on android (api17), i have adb and it’s running a hidden DHCP server too so it’s coming along nicely :D
I’m planning to make a camera control mobile app for it and maybe some faster image processing, wifi sharing etc..
I love beeing in home office :D

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    It turns out it also has a hidden wifi setting, you can connect to wifi networks(even to 5ghz, remember this is a piece of hardware from 2014) it also supposed to have a function where you can upload your photos to facebook/stuff directly from the camera. I also found a development version software/camera app in the installed app’s list codenamed comet that’s half finished and has some really cool features
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    i thought recently "hey heni what is happening with lytro it's so quiet from them" as the last thing i heard from them was they shifted to big cinema cameras for cgi production. But yeah thanks to you i learned google bought all lytro developers in 2018. 😟

    I wish you best of luck with reverse engineering this technical marvel 👍
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    Interesting choice building that shit into the camera when they could have offloaded them features into a mobile app
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    what happend to the camera with the 50 lenses or so that combined it into one high res photo... i have to google that
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    this one is also a potential collecters item for you PreyK 😄
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    @heyheni its called iphone now

    Fucking gadgets.
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    @heyheni wow, thanks 😀 i didn’even heard about this, i love weird camera tech!
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    @molaram haha, good one 😀 iphone 15 pro xs 2023
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    Sorry, i see myself out 😀
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    @heyheni I don't feel comfortable seeing this picture. Thank you for confirming I may have trypophobia
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    @lanfiro lol sorry 😢
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    @PreyK www.light.co announced a partnership with the sony camera sensor components division in February 2020. So we will see this tech soon in smartphones.

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    No app info, no crash info. Wonderful
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    Damn %s. Always seems to crash at the worst moment
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    Great pet project! But I guess you meant "love being stuck at home"? Home office doesn't mean extra free time to do personal projects... or at least it shouldn't lol
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    @igorsantos07 Corporate cut our team’s working hours from 8 to 6.
    Plus i don’t have to travel an hour every morning so i get to have a little more free time 😀
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    @PreyK living the dream. The 30 hour work week should be the new standard.
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    @heyheni I would definitely like to lure you guys to Toptal. I'm actually working precisely 30h in a nice, solid project I got through them - and another 20h in a legacy one, to pay for a future trip, but I'm getting rid of it soon hahahaha
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    @igorsantos07 www.toptal.com sounds interesting, never heard of it. So it's an upscale upwork?
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    Nice man!! 👌
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    @heyheni It's quite more than that :)
    There's little space here to brag about Toptal, but it's not really comparable. You may ping me on Twitter to talk more about if you want! It's the same username.
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