Everytime you write code in a language which you never coded before that will give you extra thrill...

This time it's python 🙂

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    This was my experience as well until I tried Rust for the first time. I didn't understand shit, it was super hard.
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    import TheWorld
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    import antigravity
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    @olback I got excited when first trying rust. Then I needed to learn how use Box properly and the concept of lifetimes. I never got back working on that project, a bit because I'm too busy with work stuff rn but mostly because I'm too lazy and too scared to learn that shit.
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    zip, generator functions, enumerate and negative indecies are some of my favourite stand out features of python.
    x, y = y, x
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    @olback @neeno I haven't tried Rust yet
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    @neeno I really like Rust now, took a while though. Lifetimes are still tricky...
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    Rust is great! But yeah, in that lang it's important to first walk before you run
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