Hello all,

For the team leaders and head of departments out there.

What do you use to plan and organize the managerial side of things ?

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    idk, but reading this book helps beeing a good manager at least.

    The Making of a Manager: What to Do When Everyone Looks to You, Book by Julie Zhuo
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    @heyheni Seems like a good book. I'll definitely check it out. Thanks!
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    We use cocaine.
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    If you are asking software, jira.
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    @yellow-dog Thanks I know Jira is good for task management but I was more about Personal Tasks, Notes on projects ... etc.
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    @m0nk hmm i personally like
    https://zenkit.com/en/ as it allows for kanban calendar, mind map(!) view of your planing.

    Also i've seen alot of advertisement for www.monday.com

    I also heard really really good things about the all in one solution https://www.notion.so

    Also for team discussion www.threads.com

    There are a ton of such tools but you may tell us what expectations and goals you want to accomplish and in what specific industry you are working in to find the right requirements. How many people do you manage?
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    Excel, ya now
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    @heyheni I manage around 20 people but that is not where my difficulty lies. The issues I find is finding the notes I need.

    I'm a pen and paper type of guy when it comes to these things but organizing your thoughts with dates and time becomes quite messy when you have notes with dates in the future followed by other in nearer future then suddenly further in time ...

    Also something that would have a sidepane preferably to show sticky notes things you want to see and remember on a daily basis ...
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    @m0nk give notion a test spin 🙂
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    @heyheni Thank you. On it now.
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    @heyheni Guess what... no linux support.
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    @m0nk lol dumbfucks!
    idk if this is a solution...
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