So we got our first household Alexa yesterday and my brothers have been asking it silly things, like:

Brother: Alexa sing baby shark:
Alexa: <sings baby shark>

B: Alexa sing mummy shark
A: <sings mummy shark>

B: Alexa sing daddy shark
A: <sings daddy shark>

B: Alexa sing grandma shark
A: "I think that's enough, even I have my limits"

Fucking Brilliant!!!

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    Saying "Alexa" vs "Hey, Google" feels so much better. It's like having a very smart helpful imaginary person in the room. Just don't teach your kids that Alexa can do math 😂
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    @iamai I don’t have to worry about the math issue, youngest is 20 😂
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    I was at a concert recently, and this motherfucker starts singing baby shark. We all just went with it. We're all wonderfully happy sheep.
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    @SortOfTested that's nothing dude.

    Edit: It's broken down for the ppl who aren't from the states I forgot you are lmfao

    Check this shit out. This baseball player played for the San Francisco Giants in the MLB. He was doing pretty poorly, so he was traded to my team, the Washington Nationals. To try and switch it up and start playing better he changed the song player whenever he walks up to home plate for his at bat. He asked his little daughter what song it should be, and she chose Baby Shark. He went with it and so did the fans.

    Flash forward a few months and we won the first series in the playoffs ever and he's up to bat. That lead to this beautiful display with 50k+ fans all doing the dance because fuck it.


    This happened three or four times throughout October
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