Budgie isn't my best match, but I'm not gonna go back to deepin either. It broke my heart and now I'm done so it can choke on my non-existant dick. *inset darth vader joke*

Can someone pleeeeeeeaaaaaase make some DE that looks pleasant (take lessons from kde/deepin/budgie/mac/whatever) and runs on arch? Please please pretty please?

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    ++ for Vader joke.
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    The issue here is that this is subjective, I personally find KDE one of the best looking ones out there!
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    @linuxxx "one of the" is the key phrase.

    I'm also saying, someone should combine good features of all of these and make something better.
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    @NoMad That's why I used it haha. I recently found an amazing looking DE built on KDE but I lost it...
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    Might be harsh....

    But I never quite got the design discussions.

    You can customize any DE to look like you want it...

    Workflow is harder. Especially looking at GNOME, where the workflow and UX is nearly unchangeable.

    Do I misunderstand design?
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    What don't you like about budgie? I thought it was pretty slick when I tried it with Solus.
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    I use Arch with KDE. KDE is actually more lightweight than I expected. I swear it used to be a bloated mess at one point but it runs pretty light compared to a lot of other DEs now.
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    Manjaro with gnome might be something that you may like
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    @EmberQuill did the same with kde, but honestly it's not that pretty. It makes all the windows a tad ugly, plus the taskbar is not ideal.
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    @Catastrophe budgie is gnome based. But prettier. Also why manjaro? You know manjaro is arch based, right? You know it's basically a heavier/tool-full arch, right?
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    @NoMad well yes. But they also have a lite version.
    And it just looks good out of the box. So far have not had many problems with mhwd and kernel changes.
    But if you ask about DE then I like what I got with manjaro.
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    But what I usually do is use awesome IDK everything looks pretty on gnome and stuff but my system does not have chops to run that and do other stuff that I torture it with.
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    @spongessuck maybe when it come with fresh installation of the system, not to replace the de.
    The application menu is ugly, the settings lack a shitton of stuff, the amount of gnome stuff installed now is insane, and I can't move the application windows from one workspace to another and switch to that workspace in one go.
    Also the notification item going red is very annoying. Couldn't it just go grey or do something else? I can't pin discord to the taskbar, for some reason if I pin it, it doesn't open discord after I close the application and there is no right click on the application menu so can't even add it from there. The applets are nice, specially the raven but deepin used to use that for settings which I found nice tbh. Hot corners are not a thing, and I can't get window overviews. Oh, and the desktop doesn't show stuff on my desktop folder.

    And that's all from the top of my head 😁
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