Finished my setup!!

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    Here is my DIY side desk
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    And this little guy is called async now! Thanks @sweetnothings
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    Love the duck on top, don't get the side diy desk tho.
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    Looks neat. One pornhub tab per monitor.
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    @NoMad side desk is so my laptop doesnt get in the way of my monitors, and so I can do soldering there.

    @FrodoSwaggins I originally put the Pringles can there as a joke thinking the same thing but then realised it actually held it up pretty well. It is also held up by some of the desk and shelves so it is pretty stable
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    What the fuck, do you shit money?

    Seriously though, that's a dope setup
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    @neeno haha I wish! Thanks man :D
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    @NoMad Oh yeah I forgot to say, the duck on top is my childhood stuffed animal. I've had him for basically my whole life!
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    "To the left we have a super try hard setup with matching monitors and stands."

    "To the right we have a very sketchy side desk made from what looks to be bent metal sheets.'
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    Nice fractal
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    Looks like you still have room for another four displays 🤔
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    @Root a wall of displays? 🤔
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    @Root imagine moving a small window upside once and then finding it for 5 minutes.
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    @kindawonderful Looks like that's what he's going for!
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    @LavaTheif Well, first of all: How do you deal with the sunburn?
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    @Kimmax simple solution, fill my screens with terminals and dark-themed IDEs
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    The toy on top looks so lovely ❤️

    I can never keep my setup this clean! Beautiful and well done
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    @asgs thanks! Give it a couple days and there will be paper everywhere again xD
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    How many graphic cards ?

    And what type of connections ?

    I find with HDMI and DP that both cause issues with Windows OS in that any apps / etc. you open, it never remembers the screen location correctly and will open on different monitors, if the last monitor it was on, was turned off / sleep since the last time you opened it.

    But that doesn't happen if the monitor is connected via DVI-D / DVI-I / VGA.

    Or does anyone know how to solve that issue..
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    @Nanos 2 cards.

    2 monitors are HDMI and 3 are DP.

    Most of my programs seem to open on my main display, except a few like webstorm which remember their location, so I don't find it too bad
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    That duck on top of the screen will micro-manage the hell out of you. It will always be judging you. - Looks dope though, nice setup
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    The duck overlord above watches over you.

    A silent guardian.

    A not-so-silent judge of your minor errors.

    A shoulder to cry on, should you cause an error in production code.

    A fluffy companion to waddle over and congratulate you when you fix said error in the production code.

    All hail, Quackles the Waddler, first of their name, child of Yellowbutt of the Webfeet Kingdom.

    *Quacks and honks*
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    Wow I love it. U got good money and space for these!
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    Nice swag dude!
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    Wow dude love it !! I will make one but i am thinking 2 monitors and a big oled tv on the top just for gaming
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    What monitors are those?
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    @the0ne25 2 vertical ones are hp 24w full he monitors and the three bottom ones are well s2319h 23 inch ips displays
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    @LavaTheif thx think I also need those horizontal ones because they look really good
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    @Smort They are, just don't have a window behind your desk because they reflect the light
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