All the young kids get to work on new projects with the shiny tech....

I feel left out :( I'm only 30 and pretty sure skill-wise I can still kick everyone else's asses on my team...

But I guess I'll remain in the "nanny" role yelling at them whenever something fucks up....

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    Thought about moving on?
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    @AlmondSauce not in this environment. And well I gave up a long time ago... I'm not getting into FANG and I get paid enough...
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    You're the Batman.!
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    @billgates If you're from the city I think I remember you being from, there's a fuck ton of other options that aren't FANG. You have choices other than FANG or stay at your job and be a little miserable.

    Go dip your toes in the water whenever shit starts to get a little better.
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    @Stuxnet well I'm also deaf so dipping my toes is not fun either... first impression bias is just too strong.

    I've tried for few years but conclusion was it's a waste of my time and energy.
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    30 is the age where you start questing yourself as there was always something to be accomplished for your self.
    - Like finishing school
    - find out who you are as a person
    - get an internship
    - get your first job
    - first own flat
    - get the next job
    - be promoted
    - do a course in management and leadership
    - get a raise

    But by the end of your twenties you start to feel you've accomplished all those things you thought were important when you were younger. And you realize that those goals, were not really your own, but what society or your parents expected from you. And now... what next?

    Do a sabatical? Or climb Mount Everest? Have a Kid to relive those steps again through the kid as a parent?

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    Hey, same shoes as mine! :)
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