Can i learn java by own without joining classes

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    You can build a rocket by yourself if you're persistent enough.
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    Most definitely
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    This is the industry of self improvement and self education. There's enough resources online in book, tutorials, or video style to gain enough knowledge quickly.
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    Some people can but I don't know about you. But I don't know if joining classes would change that.
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    P.S. Not like that flat earth guy.
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    No you have to join class since java is object oriented.
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    yes but C++ is supported on more platforms
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    Yes, but it will take longer since there won't be folk to ask sitting right next to you.
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    I'd say yes but one advantage I felt at uni was that in class they taught us programming rather than a programming language. So it never mattered which language we were using as we used different languages in different courses. As long as you understood the paradigms it was just a question about getting used to the syntax
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    Of course.
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    @PublicByte well as long as you use it correctly its fine, no all that study it can use it well. Some areas are more or less easy to study yourself
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