As a junior dev, you are stuck on a Problem and somehow you are not able to proceed and there is a ridiculous process to finish the task on a deadline otherwise you have to hear from higher management. Your manager cum senior dev is not helping you out or not responding in any way. Do I kill myself being so incompetent dev or burn my ears listening to management complaints or is there any way I can get out of it? My life is just miserable and I feel demotivated day by day.

Just ranting my heart out...

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    Get a whiteboard, and break it down.
    There are some problems so complex, my devDuck and I have a whiteboard session.
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    @C0D4 Does that always solve your problem?
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    If you have the opportunity to sleep on it for one night, that could be a game changer.
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    @khusi it has for me, just getting it down and being able to visualise what's going on and when it's happening has been enough.
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    @khusi what’s the problem? :) can I help in anyway?
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