Can you recommend me some programming projects for beginners

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    A todo list?
    A blog?
    A portfolio?
    Remote control car?
    Robotic arm?
    An imagination?
    Automate something in your day to day life?
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    A robot clone of @C0D4
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    Tetris clone.
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    If you wanna try your luck and do something that's not just fiddling through something with the real world applications of a "Hello, World!" type project, you could go to this page and filter by your language of choice:

    Then you can trawl through and see if something sounds fun or otherwise good and try to read enough to propose a solution. This will train you in what is probably the most important part of development; reading other people's code and understanding it well enough to improve or expand it.
    As long as you let people know that's your background and intention, I'm sure they'll be welcoming and embrace your efforts :)
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    Hello world
    I've heard it's good
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    A simple minecraft plugin?
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    some small game?
    tic-tac-toe, connect 4, minesweeper, ...
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    Tic Tac Toe.
    Redo it with the Magic9 algorithm.
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    To do app

    Start with a list
    Then look at sub items
    Do persistence
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    Thank you everyone......
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