Meanwhile I work 1,5years for a company which makes AutoCAD plugins. I have created a dozen of plugins now, some very complicated.

Yesterday I started on the simplest plugin, a tutorial for new colleagues. It literally prints "hello world" after giving a command.
Guess what... I can't get it to work πŸ˜–

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    I've worked more that a year on android. Couldn't tell my junior what a fragment is.
    Happens to the best of us😁
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    But what is a fragment?
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    @tisaconundrum a fragment is a behaviour or interface of an activity. Had to google this time tooπŸ˜‚
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    @tisaconundrum it's basically a slice of the UI, fully encapsulated so that it can be reused on other screens. for example a list on a phone/tablet layout
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    @iubbye as I understand you correctly, like usercontrols with C#
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    Why "!rant"?
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    @foldager. Know I I didn't use !rant correctly. But it was way after 5min when it noticed it myself
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