I'm really tired of all the hype that Python lately gets, mostly by begginers or at most mediors.

I get that a lot of people like it's syntax, but it has just a few use cases where it really shines (like CI scripting or ML). In other cases it always has a much better and much more mature alternative.

As a web developer I would always pick PHP over Python. It has really mature frameworks like Symfony or Laravel which are using PSR standards, well documented and implemented common patterns, option for strict typing and probably most importantly tons of libraries for pretty much everything. For example I could find implementation of payment gate for even the smallest banks in our country, thus saving several days of implementing it myself. And PHP will always humiliate Python in performance. Yet, pretty much every comparison article of those two will state Python as better option for webdev, mostly because it is evident that the person who wrote the article never even tried to do a proper atleast midsized project in PHP, but has ton of experience in Django.

And what exactly is my point? There are two in fact:

1) You should always use the right tools for the job.
2) Even if you could do something doesn't mean you should do it.

In the end of the day I shouldn't really be bothered by people hyping Python, but those fanatics really made me hate the language, even if I would normally consider looking into it.

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    But: python -m CGIHTTPServer 8000

    Full server with scripting! WOOT! HYPE HYPE HYPE! ;-)
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    Php is good for basic web dev, but good luck hooking laravel to anything; the amount of nonsensical errors is through the roof. Don't get me wrong, python doesn't do better either. I'd say golang is better for real & optimized web dev, but who am I kidding, the lack of proper doco on golang is deadly.
    Tho, I'm looking forward to the day that kotlin becomes a web dev trend.
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    @NoMad Based on the number of spring / webflux questions I'm seeing on SO that are Kotlin based these days, that trend might be starting to emerge.
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    Doesn’t use python that much, but i think it’s by far the best one for lambdas.

    Ps: unless you want to use some opencv, just don’t.
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    @sweetnothings You get used to Python just like you get used to C ish syntax. If you don't use it a lot you don't get used to it. If you use python just for side scripts (kinda what it is good at) you may never get used to the syntax compared to something you use most of the time.
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    Miss me with that interpreted shit.
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    Meh,I prefer curly braces but can transition easily enough. I mainly prefer curly braces because it gives me more control over formatting, rather than having that formatting dictated.
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    I *love* Python for small scripting and those hacker challenge stuff. (Wouldn't use it production though.)

    Need to import all the RGB values from an image or the signals from a wav file to analyze or manipulate? - In python it's just "import wave/Image". Like in the good old xkcd: https://xkcd.com/353/

    Wouldn't want to do that in C++ even if it's faster. Also for me leaving out all the stupid curly braces even feels liberating; leave out the (syntactic) boilerplate, just write the raw code/things you want to do.
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