working with some voice actors.

Anyone familiar with balancing audio between differrent studios so the sources sound like they.."match"?

Or does it come down to making sure actors have the appropriate recording environment?

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    Same as @M1sf3t, make sure the source is good, everything else can be made in the post production (normalization, balancing, placing)
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    Take a look at the frequency spectrum and use it together with your ears to make adjustments with eq. What you could try is add some room echo so they match.
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    I heared of a podcaster, who sent expensive audio equipment to his interviewees. Just to make sure, that there is no crapmic involved...
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    So eq, normalization, and balancing, along with making sure source isn't crap, is what I should do?

    What does echo do for making the sources sound like they belong together?
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    @Rozz We’ll fix it in post!
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