Just learned new skills...

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    Dude you're missing a resistor! ;D
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    @KnutKnutsen pin 13 has a resistor built in so you don't need it there.

    I used to teach arduino to a kid weekly to have some pocket money and my love for arduino still exists to this day. I think I still have a few arduinos lying around somewhere. Maybe I should retry that robotics project I never finished ?Meh later maybe (never finished it)
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    😂😂😂😂 true
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    @Marnsghol if I'm reading the schematics of the UNO right, then the built-in resistor is connected to the built-in LED on pin 13 but not to the pin itself.

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    @KnutKnutsen none of the pins on an Arduino uno board will damage a standard LED
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    @KnutKnutsen If i remember correctly the pin 13 both powers the internal led and the pin itself. I remember internal led going nuts when I hooked things up wrong. But I am pretty sure the pin does have resistor in it. You can look at some blink tutorials on arduino to be absolutely sure if you want I'm too lazy to fact check so yeah 😁
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    This is me
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    Few steps away from building a transformer
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    Created a voice controlled bot and obstacle avoidance bot using arduino. Am I a pro now?
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    as a mechatronics engineer I can tell you that is pretty much it :)
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    It's very true for some people's ....
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