At work today I met an api that redefines http status codes to mean something else. Naturally this makes integrating between systems a whole thing when system a keeps spitting out 207 and system b will not accept anything other than 200. Thanks for nothing. WHY WOULD ANYONE EVER WANT TO DO THAT THO? there's just no good reason to.

Anyway hens how r yous?, hope you're all doing well and that your coffee is as strong and black as the void <3

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    Reminds me the time we had to migrate a system from some old crusty tech that had a reeeal weird way to represent time and date. Turns out they worked that into the code and if you plugged a normal format time and date everything broke down in unsuspected places.
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    @bytewind why are people like this? 😒 I'm not mad, just disappointed, tired and ready for retirement.
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    @Elyz because we're not robots and just like we have different speech patterns we have different coding patterns. Imagine you were a wizard and your words changed the world. Programmers are just like that: when you look at code you are decoding a spell and inevitably just like natural language, code offers many paths to the same conclusion.
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    Because people sometimes fail to understand things properly.

    Because people copy from other places they failed to understand things properly.

    Because people are lazy.

    Because people are incompetent.

    Because they thought it was a good idea.

    Because they were under pressure and didn’t have time to understand.

    Shall I go on?
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    @dontknowshit wasn't actually asking just venting lmao 🙃
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    @Elyz lol it's devrant after all.. Misread your tone 😵
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    @Elyz fair enough!
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    God that's insane! ... now I want to invent a bunch of new status codes!
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    @Elyz I am getting more surprised day by day, when we discover something new shit, the shitty company that worked on the projects before us has done. I understand your pain and misery you feel.

    Its shitty untested code written by engineers with fancy degrees and years of experience. Like wtf sometimes i am thinking "Its bye bye time Frederik"
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