My manager is still being an asshole to all our customers. I cannot stand him, or his bullshit corrective action/write-up he sent to HR. The entire team is frustrated with him and his personal vendetta against me has caused me to go full force, looking for new works and well as transferring teams within the company. Things are getting politically heated right now and I'm not sure how things will pan out. I wish our old VP of software didn't pass away last month. The new CTO is a total tool and fuckwit. He sees developers as subordinates who must always away managers. He hasn't talked to anyone on the networking team since being hired, or anyone on my team.

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    when they threaten to write me up my default response is to laugh with withering derision and respond "you know what they do with those filed complaints? They put them in a drawer to be ignored and then tossed out later."

    shrinks their ego by five sizes and brings sheer joy to see the dumb empty gaze in their angry eyes when they realize im right.
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