I generally do not like google for many reasons, but if they added this feature to android "disable app notifications by default", I would love and kiss them to death.

Notifications these days are just about the most abhorrent feature of smart phones. I have never owned an iPhone so cannot say anything about that, but on Android its just bad. The system itself is good, but its being misused by developers. Today I checked out this app called "CPU Cooler", its one of those apps that tricks people into believing they should close apps in order to save battery life. Anyways, I opened it, I "cleaned my phone" and closed it. About an hour later I got this notification "heeey, you haven't cleaned your phone in a while".

Fuck off, uninstalled.

If it ever becomes socially acceptable, I would buy a Nokia brickphone in a heartbeat. My cousin said we would be much better off without smartphones and he is (possibly) absolutely right.

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    Android + misused features.... nothing new there.

    iPhone don't disable "all" notifications by default, but you can certainly disable per app, or not allow an app to send notifications to begin with when it asks for permission on first use.

    But then would you really jump ship just over a notifications setting 🤔 probably not.
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    @C0D4 Maybe I would, but that means second hand iPhone. Not spending a millionty billionty rupees on a phone
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    @theuser 😅I understand that issue.
    iPhone be like selling a organ for the investment.

    - Sent from my iPhone, owner is missing a kidney.
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    I'm still using a Nokia brickphone (6303i).
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    @Fast-Nop I miss my Nokia 2110, that thing was a brick and strong as one too.
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    I have an option in my android system which allows me to solely mute all notifications, calls still go through!
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    @C0D4 Exact same applies to Android as well. You can turn off all or few notifications, per app.

    You even get an option to manage notifications settings of the app with every notification.
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    @sweetnothings That means having to dig into the settings to find that specific app. It gets tedious in the long run when you have a tendency to install a new app now and then and simply forget about it. This is really about the state of notifications on Android. A notification should be important and 90% of them are not.
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    @sweetnothings yeah... I have to do this because devs are lazy and/or mean and I get notifs even if they are disabled in app.. :/ At least this works xD
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