Reset 900 domain service account credentials, placed them in a vault, and updated over 6000 items on our domain leveraging those credentials saturday night. 99% success rate today when we opened for business. What did you do this weekend ?

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    i took a massive shit
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    Just the usual coding as we had no security incident this weekend.
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    I “forgot” to close my front door overnight so my dog caught my neighbours’ fucking pekingese shitting in my front yard...there’s still blood and pieces of dead rat dog all over the place, I never got to program the sprinklers again.
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    I don't work on weekends.
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    I walked outside, sucked up that fresh air, walked back inside and had a nap.

    Does that count?
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    @C0D4 Stealing our air, eh? You better give it back before I warn the Queen!
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    @Jilano oi, air is free you know!
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