Fuck Java because java is one of the worst first languages you could pick. In the following I’ll highlight two main issues. One issue, the complexity of Java, will make life more difficult for you immediately, and the other, the danger of developing myopia regarding programming languages and their capabilities, has the potential to hurt you for many years to come and possibly your entire career

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    Java complex? Verbose I can understand, but complex?

    Maybe I am biased through the large career I've had with the language, successful also I might add. Hard to take your opinion as anything more than just that, a biased opinion for what is one of the most widely adopted and reliable technologies out there.
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    You get myopic because of your attitude towards this stuff, not because of the language you choose to start with. Languages don't matter as much as fundamental programming skills and attitude. I really don't get this stigma against Java or Python or whatever.

    Also Java is on the simpler side as far as languages go - I'd even say that your average Java codebase is simpler than your average C/C++ codebase (which is one of the reasons it blew up in popularity).
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    For real. I can only assume it's all the devs coming out of college having only developed with scratch.
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    I agree with you.
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    Laughs in PHP 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    Java is complex?
    Yea sure coming from loosely typed languages it was a pain in the ass at first, but it's seriously not that complicated, verbosity on the other hand.. FML some days.

    Python on the other hand... that hurts me, but still a good and handy language to know, but never will I enjoy whitespace based languages, the amount of ease a bug has to surface due to the wrong indentation is astounding.

    C/C++, I tried that once, almost died from the lack of understanding I had 🤯 that shit was complex! I respect these devs.
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    What really should be punishable by law is letting students start out with Javascript - especially below ECMA 6.
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    Well experiment successful. I don't know shit about Java. I never used it. I was noticing for quite sometime that In devrant most of the rants are about "langauge x is shit" and all are getting high views and likes. So, I have searched fuck java on google. I got a blog and copy & pasted some of its line and posted it. See how easy it is to create a click-bait. Don't encourage this kind of rant. Ranting about langauge is non-sense. There ain't no perfect langauge.

    Link of the blog from where I copied the content: https://gregorulm.com/no-java-is-no...
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    Java is literally one of the simplest programming language to understand. It's also the reason why it's a standard for enterprises.
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    Garbage collector does come in handy tho.

    What I found quite funny is that there’s no one who really love or extremely hate java, it’s just a “meh” language, and I have no idea what caused that.
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