Mens day in Germany!
Let the drinking begin!!!

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    well, christian is a common male name so...
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    Christanity always was most about drinking, fighting and redistributing property from the poor and rich to the church.
    So if they are just drinking, that is one of the best possible outcomes...
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    Sending hookers your way!
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    I'm pretty sure it's Father's day, but whatever floats your boat! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Ja Kumpel!
    Don't drink too much and avoid the cops ;)
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    I just realized this might as well be "menstruation" day. Hahahaha. Men don't get to have their own day. 😁

    Or it's the day they drink menstruation?
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    Trust me you don’t want menstruation. Not a good thing ever
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    Bier und Schnitzel!
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    @rutee07 You mean those thots near the Train Station 3 hours ago?
    Fuck couldn't you have pinged me?!!?
    Didn't know those were yours.
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    @Ranchu We have hookers that specialize in menstruation drinking fetish. I can send them to your home, just prepare some shot glasses, it's gonna be bloody but hey, at least they're not pregnant.
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    @rutee07 I meant without that...specific trait.
    Do appreciate the gesture tho
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    @NoMad who hurt you?
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    @FuckTS πŸ€”wat
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    @NoMad using worthless feminist responses against you, it was a joke. I'm pissed about international men's day.
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    @FuckTS πŸ€” why u pissed about that?
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    I am very confused.
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    @NoMad cuz it's same day as mf'ing international toilet day
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    @FuckTS wow. I didn't know we had a day to appreciate toilet. Which country/area is this from?
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    @NoMad it's a UN thing, no country celebrates it officially I think, it's just gay.
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