Quick devRant UWP users census.

How many of you are still using my Windows 10 client and on which OS version?
I'm thinking about a new update but would like to see if there are enough users interested.

I created a very brief poll where you can also suggest the features / changes you would like to see:

Thanks in advance, and sorry for the "spam".

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    you have a WHAT?
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    @JS96 when did you make a UWP client?
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    @Parzi In 2016, when devRant was only 2 months old. 😉
    You can download it on the Microsoft Store.
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    I’ve been using it from time to time but tbh, I usually use devRant when I am away from the pc.
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    @dsteiner WHAT?! You don't have a Lumia?
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    @JS96 not anymore.
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    thank you for reminding me this exsists. love it so far.
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    Even when I'm on my PC I just use the web client. It's more convenient to have another tab in my already open browser than to open an app. Plus the animations make the UI visually pleasing but somewhat difficult to use. For example it seems as if sometimes my clicks don't register exactly.
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    Just wanted to let you know that I've rewritten the devRant API Docs:

    I think you're pretty experienced with the API so if you find some missing endpoints/parameters/etc I'd REALLY appreciate it!

    Using your app right now btw ;D
    Better than the official app and webapp imo
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