My coworker told me today that since my birthday was this week I could take Monday off. I was so stoked before I realized Monday is Memorial Day.

Considering the shit I pull on this coworker and the future shit I will pull on him. I have to say it was fair enough.

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    In honor of your birthday, I'm going to hijack the thread. 😊 Where should I visit in Idaho? I'm on a roadtrip ostensibly to visit inlaws and will be there soon!
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    @Root Which side of Idaho?
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    @Root stop fucking with him we all know just Wyoming, Idaho isn't real. It's where the government tests the microchips they're gonna put in us and the chemicals they put in the water to turn the frogs gay.
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    @Demolishun Starting with the south, haven't decided about thereafter.

    @Stuxnet 😂
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    @Root Yellowstone is in the east side.

    You can visit a sea port near Boise on the west side. Yes, there is a sea port in Idaho. Some ocean going vessels come up the rivers to doc in Boise.

    @Stuxnet There are more sheep in Idaho than in Wyoming... I have a friend who is a legit cowboy (actually rides horse and moves cattle) and he used to say he was going up to Dubois (pronounced duboyz) Idaho on the weekend. I said, "No your not. You are going up to do sheep."
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    @Demolishun that would be prime time to make a Brokeback Mountain joke lmao
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    Happy Birthday!
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    Boise. The only place in Idaho.
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    @Stuxnet the friggin frogs.
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