so am I the only dev that keeps a psuedo code notebook and then once all the pages are used up usally have a bonfire
also stay safe social distance and wash hands blah blah blah you know the shpeel

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    I do that too except I use them as wrapper for gun powder when I don't need them anymore then I set fire on the tip and leave them by my neighbor's door.
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    Github gists for the win
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    You are not alone on that
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    i had one of those.

    but it was on a roll of toilet paper, rolled up lole ab egyption scroll.

    in juvee.

    guards confiscated because it "may contain gang codes."
    instead of a shitty half-remembered clone of "Adventure" designed as a cyoa.

    also confiscated my first poem. RIP poemfags.

    we werent allowes paper in our cella except books (including the bible) and toilet paper. and no writing implements, at all.

    so naturally we stole them every opportunity we got.
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