For my fellow Animal Crossing players here

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    Joke aside, both of these fences are absolutely beautiful
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    OH BOY.
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    @12bitfloat The left on is more practical, but hell lot more expensive.

    Wood would rot quickly if you were lazy while caring for it. Also wooden poles burried into the ground are kind of doomed to rot as well. But IMO the wooden one looks nicer, warmer :)

    The left one might look like a graveyard or a palace fence, but it requires minimal attention. Although is't less flexible which means it's a risk of
    irreversible damage by frozen ground in springs [in regions where applicable].

    IDK, I guess I prefer the wooden one.

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    I was gonna Go for the Zen fence.
    Probably expensive as fuck
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    @Ranchu If you stock up on enough stone and clay, you can just wait until it shows up in the Nook Miles shopping and it won’t be too expensive to craft one house worth
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    @deadbender fair enough, good idea
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    @netikras I like both. A bit of variation is what makes the look (no really, spamming random details here and there can already look pretty good!)

    Luckily this ain't Harvest Moon DS where half of your damn wooden fences were gone after each winter
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