...You know what's creepy?
Bought animal crossing new horizons today online.
Goes like this.
*Googles title*
*Finds it on sale on my fav online vendor*
*Buys it*
*Installs it on switch*
Everything's fine.
Two hours later my entire fucking YouTube feed is full of videos about the game.

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    I see you bought a [pink vacuum], would you like three more [pink vacuum] to go with it?
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    Idk what I did but all i get are Okta software ads and they piss me off.
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    I want to get this game but my controllers have the infamous "drifting" problem.
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    What are these "ads" you speak of? 🤔
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    @SortOfTested Amazon always does that to me: "I see you recently purchased a new laptop, so now all of your recommendations are laptops because you clearly need more than one."
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    You googled the title. Thats why. I once googled raspberry pi. Got bombarded with ads for parts on facebook, insta, youtube etc.
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    @rutee07 Repair them, the analog component is cheap.
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    @BlueDav000 Don't have access to those right now. Waiting for the lockdown to end.
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    For some reason I keep getting suggestions for dragon dildos and alt-right literature.

    I am completely straight and completely non-political both in public and in private.

    I really need to stop making gay georgia-klansman jokes.

    You know who dress in white? Sex cults.

    Why else would a bunch of men, wearing bathrobes, secretly meet in the woods at night?

    "Tinder says: George Bob Jones III and 15 others are within 25mi of your location and likes 'getting together for bakes', 'costume play', 'large bonfires', and is looking for big shaved black men."
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    Switch to DuckDuckGo. Searches are a bit more technical but often you get better information.

    Also if you know which site you want to look it has a bunch of bang syntax. So if you need a google search you can do “!g foobar” and it will search foobar on google. Or “!yt foobar” to search YouTube. Or “!acw foobar” to search animal crossing wikia.
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