Old rant here. Took place ~2 years ago and just remembered it recently:

For some reason our company decided to disable incognito mode in Chrome... Wtf, who comes up with that shit?!
Our team has different certificates to test our application and therefore the private mode comes in quite useful. Otherwise you would need to close and reopen all browser instances again.

At least, after a shitstorm from various teams they unblocked incognito again.

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    I have no doubt they'll try it again
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    What was their motivation? Incognito is useful if multiple people are using the same machine with the same OS user account, but should make no difference from the other end of the pipe.
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    lol someone probably told them it was porn mode.

    And that's absolutely true but it happens to be useful for other stuff too.

    My work does that managed by your organisation shit and hijacked the home page. Super annoying. I'm just glad they haven't realised firefox exists yet
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    @M3m35terJ05h they themselves thought it was porn mode.
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    @kamen Yeah, it doesn't make much sense to me either.
    This still remains a mystery.
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    FF + tmp containers is also good
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