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    Week 23 Group Rant
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    So, I got my very first gaming laptop on March 2015. Took a break from the almighty PC Master Race.

    It's an Asus ROG G751JT. It was doing great, running my favourite games at 60FPS on high-ultra settings.
    Few months after purchasing it, I've been getting a lot of BSODs with the same error (IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL)

    As told by the guys at a local forum, I was told to try replacing the RAMs and I was stupid enough, I did. It has 4x 8GB HyperX Impact DDR3L.
    The error still won't go away until I changed my SSDs. Which worked for a while until a week ago.

    Getting the same BSOD countless times. This time I decided to directly talk to an expert, which is a friend of mine and guess what. It was the motherboard after all. Spent a lot of $$$$ to fix ONE BSOD.

    Now I'm stuck with an Asus T100TF for about a month because I had to send it for warranty claim.

    smh jfc anasmy y u so stupid for a year and a half. 10/10 worst experience (since it involved a lot of money)

    What do you think of my stupidity? Comment below (10 marks).

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    If it's under warranty, it goes straight back to manufacturer before I touch it. But, 6/10 dont be too hard on yourself ๐Ÿ˜œ
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    @kvsm luckily it's still under warranty ๐Ÿ˜‚
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    Why you spending money to fix it when it's under warranty? Smh
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    @Zeptinune you'll know why when you read my bio
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    In doing all this you now have a new problem; do you upgrade everything so that you can use all that ram?
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    Atleast you get a nice useless QR Code
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    @guyfork86 i multitask a lot. so yea i pretty much need that rams
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    I have same machine as primary. I feel your pain. After win 10 anniversary update started seeing bsod for the first time ever, lots of freezes. Great machine but now spend most of my time in dual boot Linux if I'm not writing c#.
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    @darkcode You can try triple-booting OSX Yosemite. It works well surprisingly
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