It's evolving, just backwards.

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    Oh my, spotify? What about it?
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    @JhonDoe it's like coffee, you can't code without music in the background
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    I miss Terry's livestreams. Hope he found peace.
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    The sad thing is. I do seriously believe there is some truth to it. And thats while i love js(i think its a well designed language for a weakly typed one).
    I found myself researching and learning a lot in go and also tinkering with C/C++.

    And writing in emacs but that’s another story.
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    @Liz3 The sad truth is that the programmers who know how computers work are less and less common. Nowadays students and new programmers are advised not to learn how computers work and learn frameworks and tools that are like black boxes that require much less knowledge to work with. Using frameworks and tools is not wrong but there's much more to learn from computers than using frameworks.
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    So now programmers are lazy but mentally sane ?
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