I think the Franz platform has the weirdest bug I have ever seen on frontend. For the unknowings, Franz is basically a wrapper for chrome instances that lets you gather up all your teams, slacks, emails and the like into a single desktop application (and it eats your memory like the memory monster).

Anyways, when I type a message somewhere, the input will sometimes lose focus and focus on another input in another chrome instance. So for example, I type a message on slack, the input loses focus (which I don't immediately notice) and the rest of the message is typed out in teams instead.

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    > and it eats your memory like the memory monster

    Sounds like it's made with electron cancer.
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    Oh... That's way too risky. Imagine the wars that could be declared following the wrong message being sent to the wrong person...

    @djsumdog Worse, it's an electron based program that brings all the other electron apps together.
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    No Franz is a person
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    @djsumdog It literally wraps multiple chromium instances. It's Electron².
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