This is definitely a total first world problem but I am so frustrated.

I am stuck in a team that embodies the Japanese proverb "The nail that sticks out gets hammered down".

The management are there because it is convenient and flexible and have no interest in managing or keeping up with tech.
The lead developers are extremely anti-social and are not approachable and the this stems down to the devs (not all but really most) - all there just to do the bare minimum and spend most of their energies in trying to avoid work or having learn something.

Unfortunately I am passionate about what I do and want to build high-quality products and this has put me at odds with the way things work.

I could fill up alot of time talking about how I was ordered to "cut" images/icons out of PDFs rather just getting them from the branding team, or how I was scolded for having set up logging, detected a problem caused by another developer and fixed it before it cost a big client a massive amount of money... But really the point is that I have never worked somewhere with such an awful attitude to enthusiasm and quite frankly it boggles my mind trying to understand how they rationalise these things but the answer is always laziness.

Obviously there are worse problems in the world than working in a job where you are encouraged to do nothing... But it actually really depresses me and causes anxiety that I am working with people who don't care about testing or monitoring or learning new things or even collaboration.


Hopefully the job market will start opening again soon

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    Wow, that proverb is like the opposite of "the squeaky wheel gets the grease". Is this a cultural thing? Asian? Sounds like a frustrating place to work.
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    @Demolishun it's really frustrating - I only joined because my friend asked me to because he was working on a really interesting project but he gave up on the team and left about a year ago.

    I kept telling him to give them more patience but now I realise he was right. It's one of these things where there are two established teams that don't play with others or eachother and my friend (and me) were starting a new team so we were always in the outgroup.

    As he would say - it is actually impressive how they have managed to assemble so many apathetic and lazy people.
    But then again they are getting webforms developers who haven't learned anything new to interview the angular developers so not surprising.

    The managers have adopted a horizontal scaling solution to everything so they just keep hiring people here and mainly in India now but not training anyone or helping them work together.
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    I’d tell you to find better place, eg for me personally, I hate so many things about my company BUT folks in my office are super great, helpful and give a fuck about things, that’s my ‘why’ to stay around - we can still do a lot locally, but afterall it may be worth it for you to work on that project 🤷‍♂️😜
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    @hash-table it's not that situation, I have been working on the "hardest" projects and have setup and been leading three projects at the same time - I don't have any lead above me assigning me work. This is more about the team in general not really being interested in development or learning anything new and management who don't want to get involved with resource allocation or project/roadmap planning.
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