When newbies ask questions 😂

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    Can't have problems with vim if I don't use vim.
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    spotify ♥
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    <3 nano <3
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    Well this just ain't fair. In the 60's they didn't have him so they had time left to do stuff that we now need to exit vim
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    him = vim of course
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    I always thought the whole exiting vim thing was just a meme, until I met a few developers who know absolutely nothing about computers except how to use one specific programming language. Ask them to do anything else at all, from exiting vim to setting an environment variable, and they're lost.
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    Big oof!
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    I know far too many people that have power cycled their machine because they couldn’t get out of vim... blows my mind
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    @EmberQuill This is unfortunately a growing trend now, except instead of a single language, it's a single framework.

    It's horrific, I often have conversions with sysadmins and network admins about the sheer technical inability of developers these days, even ones who claim "full stack" now.

    I'm so not sorry that I don't hire devs like that.
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