I'm so pissed off with people who complain about YouTube ads. See the thing is, either you pay up for YouTube premium which legit costs like $4, or stfu with your "iM sEeinG nUde gIrls in Mah Ads" or "tHey tryYinG to gEt me mArRied". It's not their mistake that that is the only thing that draws people's attention in your general vicinity/age group..

One is a company supplying content worth more than your entire life and then there is you, not even important enough for the algorithm to give you targeted adverts. Deal with the reality, beggars can't be choosers..

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    Huh, I haven't seen a youtube ad for ages. Just give'em AdBlock, problem solved forever.
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    youtube premium is like $15 a month?
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    Totally agree.

    YouTube will keep pushing more and more ads until they find it is driving users away. That ad at the start of the video use to be 5 seconds. Now they are 7 seconds...people complain...but they still watch the video.

    Are they annoying? Yes, but that's capitalism. If they are too annoying dont watch the video or find some other platform use.

    One thing I refuse to do is pay for a service and STILL have to watch ads/commercials (e.g. cable or satellite tv)
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    What about the (borderline) pornographic ads?
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    @heyheni it's $3 for my place (including yt music)
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    @StefanH yeah true if it was $3/m i would consider it. Already paying for Spotify $13/m and netflix 4k is $22/m.
    And with $15 youtube premium that would sum up to $624. And if you've got Amazon prime video another $72 a year, same with apple plus. So in total $768 in streaming costs per year which is equivalent to buying one new iPhone per year.
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    @heyheni wow, you guys living in some hell..
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