I have Windows 10. I wish to convert a png image to rtf. I've looked online and it's a messy mess of messianic messy proportions.

Is there a converter that's free to download that works?

Thank you kindly.

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    Interesting question.
    You didn't specify language but here's C#
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    You could also, like, open WordPad, insert an image, and save it as rtf if you don't have 100 images to take care of.
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    Isn't rtf for text?
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    have fun!
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    do u mean ocr?
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    @Ubbe get over yourself and your anti windows hate.
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    Why are you converting images to text?

    @coffeeholic I hope so.
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    @jespersh fuck windows, it's a useless pile of shit that no "intellect" would ever use, good thing I'm not intellectual enough to not use it.
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    Is this a meme I am too linux to understand?
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    I have to ask, why are you converting an image encoding into a text encoding Format?

    I mean, technically you can't convert it, instead you would have to inject the picture data into an rtf envelope.

    Also, does the rtf image store even support the alpha channel?
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    @jespersh I know I have a bad attitude. But I honestly do not understand why people keep using windows. I really do not see the point. It seems about as confused as this rant to me.
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    Firstly, thanks for all your answers, I particularly like the ones wondering why I'm using Windows. A few years ago whilst I was a Mac user I would've said the same thing...
    Please allow me to preface my rather shallow answer to you pitchy questions by admitting I broke down (morally) at took a caramel that was laced with magic mushrooms. Then I took two Xanax. Now, I can't remember the past six hours.
    But this docu question was before that. I'd post the image here but devrant tends to multiply the image size, making it sometimes 200 gbs.
    I had a lyric sheet I'd created with jpeg images inserted. I wanted to open it in word pad and convert it to rtf. I may have been wrong about the format I wanted it converted it.
    It was a total snow=meets=hell. Why there was not converter that wouldn't ask for my left nut as a security deposit, or this... or that.. the other thing,
    Along that the important of doing this diminished. But when I was done I just decided to try it.
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    @Ubbe oh you're one of the cool linux nazi that comments everywhere without even read the scenario "windows sucks switch to linux"
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    @dontbeevil you read me like an open book.
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    @Ubbe maybe people like you should start to help in rant and posts on linux issues, instead of troll on windows rants and posts
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    ... because png is an image, and rtf is a text document? wtf are you trying to do and why?

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    @bols59 "took a caramel that was laced with magic mushrooms"

    ... oh, that explains why you thought trying to convert an image into a text file makes sense.
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    @Midnight-shcode I guess it does, doesn't it? But dang! It was fun! I called a far left leaning friend in Mississippi and talked nonstop about politics. I think it's the first time he's been left speechless by somebody else making grandiose statements about politics...
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    and in the middle of your monologue he realized what's going on and asked "dude, did you take some of our mandatory leftist lsd-laced caramels??"
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    a. why do you need to do that? EDIT: found it

    b. open write, drag the image in, done
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