When corporates try to buy you with free shit but you know your roots..

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    Also, the tape on it is because my maid won't be so generous..
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    ◉○ Redmi note 8 pro
    ∞ AI quad camera
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    @LOLjustCoding Wait, you have a maid?
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    @12bitfloat lol yeah, pretty common to have one out here..
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    @Lor-inc still better than amazon recommendations..
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    Wait, what’s up with that watermark? You xiaomi fellas are really forced to have it and you can’t even disable it?
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    Is that watermark forced? For real?

    First Google forcing their useless products on our phones even if they are disabled, and now Xiaomi?
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    You CAN disable it, but it's on enabled by default.

    You have to go the settings menu to disable it.
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    It's even worse. Look at this image, see this "Promoted apps"?

    Enabling it shows you *recommend* apps when you open a folder, it's on by default, so basically you get ads that look like normal apps.

    Just about every system app has some sort of ads going on and you have to navigate the settings to disable them. It's horrible, but that's what you get in exchange for a low-price high-spec smartphone.
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    @uyouthe @gitpush Nah, it's not. I'm just too lazy to remove it.
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    @WildPotato GeRmAn VeRbS 😂🇨🇭👌
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    @WildPotato sometimes I wish I was a millionaire for reasons just like this. I would make my own phone so I don't have to deal with forced apps and annoying enabled by default settings. I would also make it so I can replace the battery whenever, I'm sick of my phone always dying but I don't want to upgrade because I don't need a new phone, just a new battery.
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    @LavaTheif I fail to see why nobody sells phones with a removable battery, an extra and a charging station. Just imagine, if your battery dies you just swap it with the fully charged one on the station and reboot. Minimal downtime, the charging station can apply any techniques to improve battery life, and the phone is perfectly usable as long as the batteries are charging faster than they are draining.
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    @Lor-inc that's exactly why they won't. Phone companies want you to buy a new phone every year/3-years and the best way to force you to do that is to reck the battery which is can't be changed.
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