What do people think about this? (Haven’t fact checked it FYI so call me out)

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    I have a really bad feeling about this.
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    Now I know why it's so powerful
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    @metamourge yeah I’ve seen people say the same, I’ve used JS a bit and haven’t found it really fun to do things but why do people not find it so good?
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    You all never tried to make a reliable and at the same time sexy UI. Because that's an impossible task without HTML, CSS and JS.^^

    Of course you could go for baremetal C and manage memory yourself and fuck up big time.

    Of course you could go for python but the fucken rocket needs to be ready in a few mins and pip might or might not work anyways.

    Of course you could go for erlang but good luck finding more than 2 devs for your team then.

    Of course you could go for Go but why would you.

    Of course y'all only wank to your languages and I most certainly love to beat it to Typescript.

    I like it, good for JS, good for them.
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    @nitwhiz because we all know how reliable JS is when it comes to not doing weird shit with variables and types in exceptional scenarios.
    Using that on a live rocket with people on board? What could possibly go wrong?
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    > You all never tried to make a reliable and at the same time sexy UI. Because that's an impossible task without HTML, CSS and JS. ^^

    *cough* Qt *cough*
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    @nitwhiz thank goodness leftpad is still in npm... that rocket wouldn't have launched otherwise 😂
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    @endor you just have to know what's going on in the language. The same with others.:D

    @CodeTalker yeah and VB.net forms are sexy too, eh? QT sucks ass.
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    Funny thing is the people are calling that bluish piece of abomination a good UI , ewww !!
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    @nitwhiz it has not docked yet don’t jinx it
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    @nitwhiz Qt is not sexy, but it is reliable. I don't think I ever saw GUI on an embedded device that was not Qt
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    Tomorrow’s news: 838361618838383 devs are learning javascript; secret JS shrine made out of human bones found in Florida basement
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    Waist of space...

    I don't have problem with JS but this doesn't seem like the place to use it. Slack is life a webservice/website that has been returned into an app. This ui does not feel like that. I think just about any other option would be better.
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    I'm not sure a touch screen is a good idea in a place where floating objects can interact with your self destruct feature..

    Did anyone remember to bring an inanimate carbon rod though..

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    @endor that’s why we got tools like typescript, jslint and security checks.

    Honestly, every language has quirks.. like python has lots of the same issues with types as js, plus shitty package management.

    Not to mention, it’s much easier to be a shitty programmer in languages like c than js. And when you want something done fast and cheap, you will reach for the more dynamic language.
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    Docking in NaN minutes
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    Things that use javascript heavily:
    - nVidia geForce experience
    - Probably your favourite IDE
    - Probably the ones you hate too
    - Facebook
    - Most phishing sites

    As much as I hate JS (more specifically the damage its community has done), a lot of the time it's not the technology, it's how you use it.

    P.S. Their choice of browser/js execution software is a pretty irrelevant factor honestly. I don't sit there and wonder if the last game I played was compiled with Ming.
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    @stonestorm Booooom
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    Remember that critical flight code might be still ran on other computer that was designed with relability in mind. Even if gui shits itself it still havev autopilot and ground control.
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    Ok I can see why gui is js, but what about program's logic? I don't think it is written in js too.
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    Firefox OS was so stable, what can possibly go wrong?
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