what the hell this friendo just sent me a 100 line Julia function with variables names like `sauce` and `thingy` and expected me to debug it. And I guess his tab key was broken cause there was no indentation at all. Did I mention I’ve never used Julia in my life? Is this just Julia culture?

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    Sounds like your friendo is not much of a friendo.
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    Also: is Julia being abused? Should we contact the authorities? Should we send a superhero?
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    Hm. I have two hands. Should I spank his butt? Yes. I think I should.

    It's absurd how people expect others to fix the shit they brought upon themselves
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    That sounds like a fat, arrogant ex
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    Sauce pls
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    Let's see:
    - your "friend" has no clue about indentation
    - your "friend" asks you for help with something you've never worked with
    - your "friend" can't organise their code across functions
    - your "friend" sucks balls at naming variables

    That's not a problem with Julia, that's just something incapable wannabe programmers have in common, and the best one can do is hit them with a cold hard dose of reality until they either cut the crap and show some effort, or fuck off for good.
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    Yes, thats julia standard actually. He just sounds shit at fp if he didnt break it up into oneliners.
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