Can anyone suggest a good opensource or free app for dependency mapping?
I have a large monolithic django application with lot of apps and I want to study each app's imports and dependency. This also can help me remove cyclic dependencies.

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    probably not helpful but if you could map it via text (command line) and then visualizing it with gephi graph tool. You could create a map of the app and it's relations. https://gephi.org/
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    @heyheni thanks. That's a great tool for mapping. By text you mean, we take all the import parts of the python file as txt files and use the tool right?
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    There is also a new awesome handbook from designers of the EU climate change commission on how to map complex systems. So that you can visualize it to make desicions.

    Ebook PDF 100mb
    Challenge-led System Mapping
    A Knowledge management approach

    Skip the first 50 pages or so. That's where the good stuff starts.
    If you master this you'll impress management.
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    @deeaarbee yeah as a csv.
    Read the gephi readme on how to make the node edges.
    csv gephi tutorial
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    also if you got some budget on hand exaptive is the more easier option than gephi and it has some intigrations with other tools like machine learning.

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    @heyheni wow thanks for the suggestions!
    Let me try out the simple one first to achieve my goal. Then I'll try to improve on top of that.
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    @deeaarbee any luck with your endeavor so far? 🙂
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    @heyheni I tried pydeps, a python package to get the list of imports from each modules and I am using that to fill up the CSV file. Will do the graph once I complete the CSV file.

    Pydeps also have option to plot graphs using the tool you mentioned. Going to try that also.
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