Been moved out of the main office to a larger room for social distancing. Other staff also working from here. Seems convenient to them to have on-tap IT support. Driving me fucking crazy. I wonder if I can justify working from our server room to get some peace...

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    Are you needed on site for things you physically need to do there?

    If not, work from home. Problem solved.
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    @SomeNone unfortunately, yeah, I am needed on site for a lot of my work. There simply isn't enough to do remotely and I get bored. That server room is looking increasingly appealing though lol.
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    @PastaSam I once worked in a server room. Apart from the bone penetrating cold (I have pneumonia) and my crippling claustrophobia, it was a pretty sweet spot.
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    @witchDev yeah man, that's what I'm thinking lol. Especially now it's heating up (UK at least). Lots of circulation and, most importantly, the only sound is the hum of the fans. No users will find me there.
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