I been seeing spam on devrant lately. It is usually a new account which only have 1 rant (a spam)

Maybe devrant should include some kind of "Are you a developer captcha" which make you fix a bug before creating an account.

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    Honestly? Great idea.
    You should maybe tag it as devRant so our lords get on it.
    Or ping @dFox
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    That would be amazing. Just a simple create a fibonacci sequence function would help a lot
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    They'd just Google it or post on SO asking for help. Guarantee it
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    @Stuxnet not if it's a bot?
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    @Ranchu ohhh I thought this was targeting the new users that just shit post "teach me code" and get downvoted out of existence.

    Not the ad bots lmao
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    Green dots should pass the fizzbuzz test before posting 😅

    Truth be told, building an automated, randomized (and safe) coding test people couldn't find pre-written answers to would be both time-consuming to implement and annoying for new users. Not everyone here writes code; some users are designers (or PHP devs 😉).

    Maybe having a time limit like three days before you're allowed to post rants would work better. There's already a limit on posting links.
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    So if you'd be a very new developer you couldn't join? Or if you're a cybersecurity person or sysadmin or dba?
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    Probably a unpopular opinion, but here we go.
    I think how it works now, works find, due to how fast spam is taken down, so i do not get why they should implement some kind of sysrtem that would make the user experience worst, just to fix a minor issue.
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    @Frederick No, I agree. I'd only support anything like this if the problem gets substantially worse.
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    I thought a simple coding task will do the trick like "make it break out of infinite loop" or "add/remove semi-comma in the code to make it work"

    Make the question so generic searching on google will give generic answer.

    @linuxxx maybe have an options to choose what kind of captcha you want based on your career.
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    Why not just require a minimum reputation to be able to post? Like 10 or 20 ++
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    Who would ++ you if you are not allowed to post/rant?
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    @mr-user that's just too much work for little return, it's unlikely the devs of DevRant will implement something like this
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    Now that I think about it , you are right. It's a "Cobra problem"

    We need to only think about it when spams run wild.
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    @mr-user But what if you're just peeking around because you're interested in entering the dev world but have zero knowledge on it yet?
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    I don't think this is a real problem. It will probably start killing the community if people can't join. Plus I haven't seen real spam, quote an example. Also lets not try to ruin this community making it like StackOverflow.
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    Guess I am making it too developer-centrist which is never a good thing.


    I don't want to turn away those people who is just taking a peep. I forget devrant exist for people other than dev.
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    It was a fun idea tho', +1
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    I feel like, inevitably, spammers'd make automated solutions to anything we throw at them. Hell, they're keeping up in the race against Google's captcha ffs
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