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    How to get famous on instagram..

    things to mention in your description: gay, vegeterian and at least 1 minority (religion or race will do)
    content as a woman: show as much skin as possible
    content as a man: go to the gym and then show as much skin as possible
    and then disagree with everything the media and scientists say

    tadaa, you'll have thousands of followers.
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    May be but I'm not sure with this
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    @just8littleBit can't fault the influencer for capitalizing on human psychology.
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    Important to note this state machine only ends on “you don’t grow” and “you delete your post”

    You can’t win if you waste your life on Instagram. Delete your post if you want the good ending
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    @projektaquarius can't fault burglars to capitalize on lack of decent protection of property

    Though I understand your point, with such a mindset nothing is wrong for money
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    @CodeTalker disagree. You're not necessarily hurting anyone by being an influencer.
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