It's sad not to have any friends who love programming as much as you. 😔

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    The only friend I have who loved programming moved away.. Then last time he sent me this via sms
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    ASabbir want to be friends? Pythoneer what is the name of this community?
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    @Pythoneer Thanks for the suggestion. I'll definitely try it out.
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    @manbearpigcode Yeah, why not. But I don't know much about Python.
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    @ASabbir 🤗🤗
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    Ditto. I've never met another person that lives anywhere near me that enjoys programming in their free time. I've still never coded beside someone else, at work or otherwise. I'm tempted to join a hacker space an hour away just to meet like-minded people.
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    @Maragnus I'm waiting for something like this since forever 😭😭
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    @On-xTone Well, basically I'm in college now. Hope my luck will improve.
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    @On-xTone Same, most of the people I've met in college (apart from a few people) never did any side projects and did not seem to enjoy programming as much, which is just too bad :(
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